The right speaker makes all the difference.

Hi! I’m Jack Hawkins. I’m a speaker, writer, and entrepreneur. I provide simple and profound answers to the issues we all face. My passion is to help people understand a God that desires more and better for us and live into the fullness of who they were created to be.


10 Steps Further

The podcast was originally created to discuss the very first steps anyone needs to take in their faith walk. Four years later (and over 100,000 downloads in over 50 countries) this life changing podcast is an archive of wisdom for parents, leaders, and God followers who are on step one or one hundred.


Let me introduce you to a Heavenly Father who desires more and better for you so you can reach your highest possibilities. A God who loves you so much that your picture is on his refrigerator.

Coming Soon

You’re Picture is on His Refrigerator

Look for the release of my new book “You’re Picture is on His Refrigerator.”

If you need to trade out your antiquated view of an angry god waiting to punish you for one of a loving Heavenly Dad who believes in you, this book is for you.

Let me introduce you to a God that desires more and better for you

The perfect topic for your event

With over 25+ years of public speaking experience, Jack has an expansive library of topics, sermons and speeches. While each one will be customized to fit your audience, here are some examples.

What People are Saying

While Jack would love to tell you great things, we think it’s better for actual clients to do so.

"All our friend and family keep telling us how great you were... mostly how you told everyone how we met! The delivery was hilarious
Aaron Ling
"Jack Hawkins is an engaging and dynamic speaker who knows how to tell a good story. He has a wonderful way of presenting practical life application of God’s Truth in fun, humble and relatable ways. Jack knows how to captivate an audience with the right balance of humor and impact.”